Discernable Differences

Core Values

We work as one team, guided by a common set of principles to provide the best exposition experience.

Superior Service

Outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of our training, our values and our daily operations.

Technology Leadership

Innovative technologies drive our superior customer service, our operations excellence and our connection with clients.

Operational Excellence

We are the operational leader in the industry, staying ahead of the competition through integrated planning, strong execution, a safe and secure workplace and great customer service.

Superior Products & Services

We provide an integrated approach to all exposition and event services including: Transportation, Furnishing, Exhibits & Design, and I & D labour.

Creative Design

For every event, we create a branding strategy by delivering innovative and creative design.

Comprehensive Consultation

We offer access to our entire team of knowledgeable employees, and their deep industry experience, to ensure the effectiveness of expositions, events and exhibits.

Industry Advocacy

We are advocates for advancement in education, labour relations and Health & Safety with added financial support and board member participation throughout the industry.

Financial Integrity

We are a trusted partner, with a sound financial position, and the controls of a publicly traded company.